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I’m a regular contributor to radio programmes and made my debut as a presenter of Radio 3’s Free Thinking in May 2017. I was an AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinker in 2015.

My latest broadcasts for BBC Radio 3 are:

  • A Free Thinking discussion, ‘All About Eve: Stories of the Fall, Pregnancy and Aphrodisiacs’, with Stephen Greenblatt, Islam Issa, Jennifer Evans and Sara Read. Listen here.
  • A Free Thinking discussion on ‘Writing Love’ with Jonathan Dollimore, Rohit Dasgupta, Peggy Reynolds and Pritpal Singh, broadcast on Thursday 6 July. Listen here.
  • A Free Thinking discussion on Women’s Voices in the Classical World with Colm Tóibín, Bettany Hughes and Paul Cartledge, recorded at the Hay Festival and broadcast 30 May 2017. Listen here.
  • A Sunday Feature on Monteverdi’s Women for Radio 3’s Monteverdi 450 season, 14 May 2017. Listen here.
  • An Essay on my family history in 1940s Dhaka and Kolkata, recorded at the Free Thinking Festival in Gateshead, broadcast March 2017. Listen here.
  • An episode of Free Thinking on Machiavelli’s The Prince, broadcast March 2017. Listen here.
  • An Essay on Renaissance gun culture, broadcast January 2017. Listen here.

Watch my BBC Arts film, The Renaissance Prince, showing some of the objects discussed in my biography of Alessandro de’ Medici.

My radio essay The Moor of Florence: A Medici Mystery was recorded at the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival and broadcast on Monday 9 November 2015. It previewed the research behind the Alessandro book.

I also talked about this research on Radio 4’s Start the Week in a discussion of poetry, race, history and implicit bias with Claudia Rankine, Amir Darwish and Jules Holroyd recorded at the Free Thinking Festival (November 2015).

I was a historical adviser on the 2015 TV show Wolf Hall (BBC2/Company Pictures). Read more here.

At the Hay Festival 2015 I talked about Cardinal Wolsey and the papal court, to mark the 500th anniversary of his promotion to the cardinalate, for a special edition of Radio 3’s Free Thinking.

Here are some of my other radio contributions:


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