Talks and events

I’m happy to talk to local history and creative writing groups about my work – do get in touch if you’d like to arrange a date.

Catch me at the Hay Festival on the late May bank holiday weekend in 2019, where I’ll be discussing writing and art for Radio 3 with Siri Hustvedt and Simon Schama, and the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci with Jerry Brotton, Hannah Critchlow and Germaine Greer.

I’ve given talks in the past on a range of topics related to my research including:

  • Alessandro de’ Medici, tying into my book The Black Prince of Florence.
  • Italian Renaissance history, including the Medici and the Borgias.
  • Tudor history, especially Henry VIII’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon and the history behind Wolf Hall.
  • History and the media/history and fiction.
  • The early history of handguns.

2019 anniversaries that I can give talks on include:

  • Catherine de’ Medici (500th anniversary of birth).
  • Lucrezia Borgia (500th anniversary of death).
  • Leonardo da Vinci (500th anniversary of death).
  • The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (500th anniversary of election).

If you’re interested in another topic in this broad area feel free to ask: if I can’t do it myself I will do my best to recommend someone who can.


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