2 thoughts on “Public history: let’s follow the money

  1. Catherine thank you for this post. Many things could be said about funding projects (academic and public) and money driven public history. Even more about the important transformation of PH after the digital turn and the birth of Digital Public History and, again, how projects are funded and how they could become sustainable. What about proposing a panel for NCPH Baltimore in March 2016 (http://ncph.org/cms/conferences/2016-annual-meeting/ deadline July 15…) and, IFPH Bogota in July 2016 (https://ifph.hypotheses.org/news) also looking at ways we could use sponsor financially the “public” participation in PH projects? And if this retribution model would be fairly introduced when you “share” authority or you use crowdsourcing facilities. We need four people. I could bring one and you another 🙂 I mean for Baltimore?


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